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MicroCap Gems is a newsletter focusing on tremendous growth opportunities in the micro-cap markets.

We know that micro-cap stocks can be risky but we believe that large profit potential exists in some of those same micro-cap companies. We look for companies showing unusual promise and what we perceive as a favorable risk to reward ratio by using meticulous analysis of the company and its competitors. Learn More about MicroCap Gems and see portfolio returns and past and present winners.

The Jewett-Cameron trading Company is a North Plains, Oregon based holding company, which through its subsidiaries, distributes and sells wood products and specialty metal products.

We find the Company attractive due to its recent strong revenue and earnings growth, its strong balance sheet, its increasing margins, the improving diversification of the Company's total revenues between its four operating segments and its decreasing operating expenses.

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In the Micro Class Notes section we share investing insight and strategies to keep you ahead of the market while alerting you to scams and pump & dump operations, to help you avoid land mines in the micro-cap world.

Green Energy Investment Scams
With the national average price of gas reaching $3.91 a gallon, fraudsters are again attempting to lure investors into green energy investment scams.

Tax Refund Email Scams
Scammers attempting to use tax refunds as a way to steal your identity and or financial assets.

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