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We know your time is valuable so here is a summary of the top reasons to try us.

                            1. We find the movers and shakers in the Micro-Cap arena!

                                 Our year to date portfolio return is up 34.798% versus the Russell
                                 MicroCap Index being up 19.75% during the comparable period
                                 (12/31/2011 - 12/31/2012).
                                 Our portfolio return since inception is up 83.603% versus the Russell
                                 MicroCap Index cumulative return being up 32.439%
during the
comparable period (5/5/2005 - 12/31/2012).

                             2. We are independent so our research is unbiased.

                             3. It's Free!!!

Through meticulous analysis of the company, its products, industry and competitors we were able to uncover the hidden details that helped our readers to both create opportunity and avoid the risk commonly found in the micro-cap market.

Our multidisciplinary approach of both fundamental analysis and technical analysis enables us to unearth companies that we perceive as having a favorable risk to reward ratio.

Our reports attempt to give the most timely, accurate and objective analysis to help our subscribers to identify and understand critical success factors and therefore make an informed decision. This objective analysis allows us to dig into a company’s strengths, weaknesses, customer base and products, allowing us to uncover certain factors critical to future success that other reports may miss or overlook.

The MicroCap Gems Newsletter is a free monthly investment newsletter!

In Each monthly issue you will receive:

Highlighted Gem: Brief analysis on a micro-cap stock that shows unusual promise and a favorable risk to reward ratio.

Market Overview: Updates on how the micro-cap markets are performing relative to other market segments.

Class Notes: We share investing insight and strategies to keep you ahead of the market. Also in this section, we will alert you to scams and pump & dump operations, which will help you avoid landmines in the micro-cap world.


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